50 HD Images of Marvel Heroes in PNG + Marvel Encyclopedia
PNG 99 MB | PDF 345 MB

  • Whether you are a fan of  the Marvel Universe or maybe fond of photomontages and compositions based on comic characters (ideal to include the smallest ones in the house) you are undoubtedly in luck and that today from Saltaalavista Blog we have wanted collect for you this spectacular free pack consisting of no less than 50 Drawings in PNG format (ie, transparent background) of Marvel Heroes , all in HD format and of great artistic quality.
  • And if this would only seem little what is offered today as a small / great addition to the entry we thought it was an excellent idea to include within it and as "extra download" to the PNG Images Pack the fantastic Marvel Encyclopedia - The Definitive Guide of the Characters of the Marvel Universe (in Spanish and PDF format) of which we spoke a little below.

50 HD Images of Marvel Heroes in PNG + Marvel Encyclopedia



Marvel Encyclopedia

The Ultimate Guide to the Characters of the Marvel Universe 

  • Encyclopedia where all the information regarding more than 1000 characters of the Marvel Universe is compiled alphabetically and chronologically . Within this excellent publication you will find descriptions, features and interesting data referring to an extensive list of characters, from the first appeared in the 1960s, to reach much more recent and / or popular characters. Prologue by Stan Lee, co-creator of such mythical characters as Spiderman, Superman, Hulk or The Fantastic 4and absolutely essential for all that lover and aficionad @ comic within which to find without doubt all data, information, anecdotes, etc. that you always wanted to know and you never dared to ask about the Marvel saga .




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