Florabella Collection - Color & Light Photoshop Actions and Overlays
Photoshop Actions and Overlays | Photoshop CS2+ 

Base Actions:
Summer Love, Light Bright Pop, Light Bright Haze, Light Bright Matte

Add-On Actions:
Retro Sun (w/ new movable sunglow), Hazy Blue, Warm Vintage, Hazy Light Pink, Hazy Light Neutral

Haze Actions:
Hazy Sunflare, Top Light Haze, Center Light Haze, Light Hazy Edges, Center Fill

Quick Fill Flash, De-haze Boost, Brighten & Tone Yellows

Clarity Brush, Backlit Skin Brightener, Backlit Contrast Boost, Hazy Light
Brush, Hazy Light Blur Brush, Rich Color Pop Brush

Movable Sun Glow Actions (move them around after action plays!)
Diffused Light Glow, Pearl Sun Glow, Soft Warm Sun Glow, Pink Sun Glow,
Sunny Sun Glow, Peachy Sun Glow, Neutral Sun Glow

Movable Sun Streams:
Pearl Sun stream, Warm Sun Stream, Peachy Sun Stream, Pink Sun Stream, Neutral Sun Stream

Light Leaks:  Spring, Summer, Winter, Fall, Rainbow Halo (movable & scalable)
Hazy Light Infusions: Soft Light, Ruby, Sorbet, Pearl, Pixie Light
+20 New Overlays including  Sunflare, Sunburst, Rainbow Halo & Clouds!

Compatible with English versions of Photoshop CS2, CS3, CS4, CS5, CS6, CC  or Photoshop Elements 6-12

Florabella Collection - Color & Light Photoshop Actions and Overlays

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